Meet our Expert Burkhard Hochstätter

Burkhard Hochstätter, Managing Director at solvtect IT, is an esteemed expert in quality management, specializing in CAQ systems.

Burkhard Hochstätter
Burkhard Hochstätter, Managing Director of solvtec IT

With extensive industry experience, he excels in developing and implementing tailored quality management strategies. His expertise is enriched by his direct engagement with customers and their employees, actively using solvtec’s CAQ system. This valuable feedback drives continuous improvements to the software. Burkhard Hochstätter offers comprehensive solutions, including powerful standard software, consultancy services, concept development, training, and innovative enhancements. His proficiency extends to various industries, including plastics, metal processing, hydraulics, glass production, electronics, semiconductors, automotive, medical technology, and aerospace. With his unwavering support, Burkhard Hochstätter ensures optimal quality management practices in every endeavor.

Highlights of expertise

  • Specialist for computer aided quality management (CAQ)
  • Providing individual CAQ software solutions and support for CAQ projects
  • Focus on developing tailored solutions and a comprehensive understanding of individual tasks

We at solvtec have already created the necessary architecture in the basic development of the CAQ system in order to be able to effectively implement even special requirements of the individual customer.

Burkhard Hochstätter
solvtec IT

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